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For Students: Finding a Work Placement - Eng to German

Work Placement


I often get enquiries from students asking for work placement. I am a freelance translator working between Eng to German. My website states that quite clearly the work I do. How likely am I to want to employ someone doing French and Arabic? I would not be looking for someone to assist me in a work placement position. I could assist you with your business skills, book keeping, tell you some of my experiences, save you making some mistakes - but if you want to gain work experience you need to find yourself an agency or a business that has in-house translators in your language pairs and then you need to sell yourself to them.

Think about work placement in germany that may be the best place to gain experience and really hone your language skills.

Do think about your social media profiles employers can see social media too and often will check a person out before an interview.  Think if my mum and dad would not like to see it then a prospective employer may not either.

Please do your initial research thoroughly, you are much more likely to be successful that way. Good luck!