Which Skills and Personality Traits are Required for Working from Home as a Freelance Translator?

Getting Started as a Freelance Translator

A Brief Guide

Skills and Personality Traits Required for Working from Home as a Freelance Translator

These are some of the skills and personality traits I have found useful in my working life as a freelance translator (Skills Personality Traits to be a text translator). The list is by no means exhaustive:

Skills Personality Traits Required to be a Text Translator

  • Marketing skills
    • How are you going to advertise your services?
  • Management skills
    • Most freelance translators work from home. Can you run an office, keep records, negotiate with customers, handle queries and cope with the tax man?
  • Computer literacy
    • How well do you type?
    • Which software have you worked with?
    • Are you experienced in searching the Internet?
  • Drive
    • How many rejections can you handle? To what lengths will you go to succeed?
  • Self-discipline
    • Are you disciplined enough to make yourself do all that is required to become successful?
  • Self-reliance
    • Do you stand on your own feet or do you need someone to tell you what to do?
  • Independence
    • Do you enjoy working by yourself, for yourself, day after day, month after month, year after year, having very little contact with other people other than through online networking?

Skills Personality Traits Required Working