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Translations in all subjects and into all languages?

Finding a Suitable Language Translator

Many language translators who want to attract a large number of clients promise more than they can personally deliver.  The only organisations who can offer a substantial range of languages and subject areas are big agencies with a large number of freelance translators on their books.

Most individual translators specialise in several subjects. The more specialised your text is, the more important it is to find exactly the right translator. Not everyone is an expert in nuclear engineering and in European law at the same time!


1st Choice Translations offers only English into German and German into English translations.

However, should you require translations into other languages, we can recommend trusted colleagues from our sister company Iolante.

Trusted colleagues

If you require translations into other languages, we can recommend trusted colleagues from our sister company Iolante.

Shu Zhang is Iolante's English to Chinese translator and interpreter. Shu has a degree in law and professional translating qualifications. Resident in Reading, she specialises in legal and commercial translations and business interpreting. She also offers cultural tutoring for clients who wish to visit China or establish English-Chinese business relationships.

For English to French we recommend Hélène Gibbings. She works as translator and interpreter and is based in Suffolk. She specialises in the translation of business, newsletters, brochures, websites and product information. Hélène also offers certified translations.

Erika Baker is Iolante's English-German translator. Erika is based near Bristol. She specialises in tourism, business translation, agreements, websites and certified translations. Erika also offers bilingual business support.

As an English to Italian translator we recommend Simona Negroni. Simona, who lives in London, is a qualified technical translator. She also specialises in science, medicine and IT including apps.

For English to Polish translation and interpreting services, please contact Anna Dobson. Anna Dobson, originally from Poland, now lives in Kent in the UK. She is a certified translator for Polish. Her specialist areas include marketing, the EU, law, insurance and fashion. Anna also offers proofreading services.

As a Polish-English interpreter she is a member of the National Register of Public Service Interpreters and therefore authorised to interpret in court and for the police.

Camelia Popescu is a qualified and experienced English-Romanian translator. Camelia is based in London. She specialises in business, marketing, legal and financial texts. She also offers proofreading and editing services.

If you need a translator and interpreter who works from English into Russian have a look at Yulia Tsybysheva's profile. Yulia is a Russian native speaker living in Bristol, UK. She specialises in business and finance, contracts and agreements, marketing, user manuals and the environment. She also offers certified translations.

For a highly qualified English to Spanish translator I warmly recommend Ana Ricca. Ana, who is based in Plymouth, also offers interpreting services to clients in Devon and Cornwall. She specialises in finance, business, corporate training, marketing, agreements and contracts. She also offers certified, notarised and sworn translations.

Danish to English translations are provided by Liz Stephens. Liz lives in Essex and specialises in shipping, business, marketing, theology, IT, water sports and travel. She also offers certified translations.

Elaine Bolton offers Spanish to English translation services.

Peter Bowen is qualified to translate three Scandinavian languages. He offers German to English translations as well as Norwegian to English. Peter lives in London. He specialises in marketing, legal texts, insurance, technical translations, patents, IT, art and culture and history. Peter also offers certified translations. What is more, as a state-authorised translator in Sweden, Peter is authorised to provide certified Swedish translations for use in the UK and Sweden.

For Italian to English translation services please consider Simona Negroni. Simona, who is based in London, is a technical translator. Her areas of specialisation include medicine, science and IT, including apps.

I have cooperated with my colleague Claudia Bonacquisti-Lerch for many years. She lives in Austria and is a qualified German to Italian translator. The subjects she specialises in include tourism, gastronomy, sport, history and manuals.

The English to Italian translator working with Iolante is Giulia Bancheri. Giulia is based in Gorizia in Italy. Her specialist subjects are legal translations, marketing, fiction and non-fiction. Giulia also offers certified translations.

Giulia Bancheri's second language she is qualified to translate to is Spanish. As a Spanish-Italian translator she works with marketing, legal texts, fiction and non-fiction. Giulia also provides certified Spanish to Italian translations.

Oliver Plehn is a qualified chemist and works as German-Spanish translator. Oliver lives in Madrid. He specialises in technical translations, natural sciences, medicine, lighting technology, patents and environmental technology. He also translates for clients in gastronomy, tourism, art, music, insurance, advertising and sports. As a true bilingual he translates from and to Spanish and German.

General Search for Qualified Specialist Language Translators

If you can't find what you are looking for amongst the above colleagues, you can do a general Google search. This tends to be time consuming and complicated to verify everyone’s professional qualifications.

The most reliable sources to find specialist translators in the UK are the Chartered Institute of Linguists Find-A-Linguist page and the ITI Directory.

Other countries have their own professional bodies with registers of qualified translators and interpreters.