Translation and Interpreting Charges

General Charges

Please find below an indication of my language translation charges for working from English into German and vice versa. See also my charges for notarised translations. To obtain a firm offer for the  language translation project you have in mind, please contact me. You are under no obligation to take me up on the offer.

I can only give you a binding quote after having had sight of your document.

General rates for language translation charges

Cost of general English-German translation services for all customers start at £75 per thousand words. However, I charge as much as £110 per thousand words for highly complex texts. My minimum fee is £35.


Charges also depend on the format of your original text. For more info see: Working with CAT tools.


I do not offer discounts on large volumes. The reason is that long-term translation projects mean that I am solely committed to you for the duration of the project. Therefore, I may have to turn away other (possibly better paying) customers during this time.

I do, however, sometimes offer discounts to companies placing recurring work, such as ongoing business correspondence etc. Under these circumstance I usually charged on the basis of the total number of words translated in any one calendar month (no minimum fees apply). Thus the regular business client receives a large discount.

Charges for other services

Other services, such as interpreting, proof-reading etc. are charged on an hourly or daily basis (£35 per hour minimum), plus expenses, to be agreed prior to acceptance of job. Customers generally find my language translation charges very reasonable.
Rates for non-UK customers as above plus appropriate bank charges. Currency of payment as agreed in advance. Please contact me for a quotation.

Prepayments may be agreed for larger assignments. Please pay all invoices within 7 days of date of invoice.
I am not VAT registered. Therefore I do not have to add VAT to my invoices.

Information Required for a Translation Quotation

To supply you with an accurate quotation and subsequently a German language translation that suits your needs, please provide the following details if possible:

  • Nature of text to be translated, e.g. legal, commercial, advertising
  • Target readership and proposed use of text, e.g. for marketing purposes, training etc...
  • Approximate length of text in 1000s of words
  • Required deadline
  • Means of text delivery: email attachment, email, surface mail, messenger
  • Software program used for source text, if applicable
  • By which means and in which format you wish to have the finished text delivered to you.
  • Is there a house style to adhere to?
  • Contact name and details

Final quotation on sight of text.

German Language Translation Charges

Below is an indication of my language translation charges from English into German and vice versa. Please visit my charges for certified translations page for detailed prices for certified translations. To obtain a quotation for the translation project you have in mind, please contact me.

Cost of general German language translation services for UK business customers: From £65 per thousand words, minimum fee of £35. Significant discounts for repeat customers.

If you have a large volume of short texts for translation on a regular basis, I reduce my minimum fee, and for texts above the minimum fee level, I charge an hourly rate of £25 pro rata. This facilitates a long-term mutual cooperation that is profitable for you and me.

Preferential language translation charges apply for private customers. Pre-payments may be agreed for larger assignments.

There is no VAT payable in the UK.

Rates for other services, like interpreting, proof-reading etc., charged on an hourly or daily basis, plus expenses.

Rates for non-UK customers as above plus appropriate bank charges. Please contact me for a quotation.


We accept payment by cheque, BACS or PayPal  language translation charges . For other payment options please contact me.

Turnaround Time for German Language Translation

Documents of fewer than 500 words can usually be returned to you in less than 24 hrs. Average turnover of approximately 2000 words per day, up to 15 000 words per week for large projects. Text delivery can be by e-mail attachment, within an e-mail,  hard copy by surface mail or summary by telephone, whatever suits you best. The cost of delivery per email is included in the quotation. Other modes of delivery will be charged for separately; please discuss your requirements when placing your order. We use Microsoft Office. The most common text formats requested include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Rich Text Format.

Legal Notices

Liability: We undertake all translations to our best knowledge and ability. However, we cannot exclude the possibility of misunderstanding part of a text which may result in a translation error, as language often is open to interpretation. We can therefore not be held liable for compensation for losses thus incurred. The amount of any compensation is limited to the value of the relevant order. We only accept liability if gross negligence or intent can be proven, liability for minor negligence will only be accepted if major conditions of the contract were breached. Complaints must be received within ten working days of delivery, if no complaints are received within this period acceptance of the work will be assumed. Acceptance of work implies acceptance of invoice.

Proofreading: I take great care in proofreading my texts. However, it is always advisable to have a translation proofread by an independent native speaker, especially, if the text in question is intended for publication. Proofreading by a second person is only included in the cost of a translation if specifically requested by the Customer.

Payment: Invoices are payable within 30 days of the date of the invoice. If invoices are not paid within this period, I reserve the right to avail myself of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 which entitles me to charge interest at 8% over the current base rate from the date of receipt of my invoice. Furthermore, I shall not hesitate to take non-paying customers to the Small Claims Court (which will affect their future credit ratings), if payment is not received within one week of the second (i.e. final) reminder. All costs incurred during the debt recovery process will be charged to the customer. I require prepayment by non-regular customers who live outside the EU.

Competent Courts of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law: Contracts between 1st Choice Translations and Customers shall be governed by English Law and enforced by the English competent courts of jurisdiction.

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