Working with PDFs


Increasingly, clients send translators PDF files to work with. I’ve been sent PDFs of basic letters generated in Word. However, the majority of PDFs result from documentation created in software programs other than MS Office, Working with PDFs.

Can you put that quickly into German

This is a question clients put to a German translator on a regular basis.
The answer: Usually not!

What looks like a very simple text to you may turn out to be a complex set of issues.

Do not take advantage of the chambermaid

It is not just a case of finding the equivalent of an English word in German. Often words and phrases can mean several things and context is crucial, as we all instinctively understand when we giggle at well-known signs in foreign countries such as the one from a Japanese hotel: "You are invited to take advantage of the chambermaid".


Information Required to Supply you with an Accurate Quotation

To supply you with an accurate quotation and subsequently a translation that suits your needs, please provide the following details if possible:

Certified Translations

The information on this website concerning certification of translations is based on data available to me at the time of writing (July 2007 plus later additions) and is for general information only. Certification requirements depend on the agencies involved in each individual case. It is up to individuals to check the certification requirements of the agencies, employers, government departments or other parties that have stipulated certified documents.