Suggestions on How to Become Established in Freelance Translation


Becoming established in Freelance translation

This page, and those following, offer suggestions oon the subject of becoming a freelance translator. They were drawn from my own experiences in establishing myself in business as a freelance translator in translation in the UK.

There is no guarantee that the same approach will work for you. However, I have had much positive feedback about the advice I give here. These are merely suggestions that may assist you in your efforts to find work as a translator. They may assist you in carrying out this work with due regard to various considerations which I have found to be useful, time saving and cost effective.

Please note: While I believe the information I supplied to be correct at the time of publishing, I cannot be held liable for its accuracy, completeness or effectiveness.

Basic Principles for Freelance Translators

It takes a lot of effort to find customers. To be successful as a freelance translator you should:

  • only take on work you are competent to undertake
  • provide excellent quality plus an above average customer service
  • be friendly, patient and efficient
  • stick to your deadlines
  • offer value-added services
  • double and treble-check your work

Sticking to these basic principles will keep your customers happy, so that they will recommend you as a translator who keeps their promises.