English-German Translation Services Tailored to Your Needs

A Personal Service

I provide English-German translation services as well as interpreting services for business and for private clients. All work is undertaken in close, direct cooperation with the customer. There is no middleman passing on messages, obscuring communication, and last but not least: taking a substantial cut. I pride myself in providing a personal service, taking great care that you receive the translation that is suitable for your needs. The more I know about your requirements, the better the resulting product will match your expectations. Therefore, I thoroughly recommend you to take a look at my Information page before asking me for a quote. It's in your best interest!

Time is of the Essence

Short documents (in English or German) can be translated on the spot, same day, overnight or within 24 hours. If it's urgent to you, it's urgent to me!

Confidentiality Guaranteed

I guarantee absolute confidentiality. For highly sensitive business transactions (e.g. purchasing a company abroad or dealing with a disgruntled customer) as much as for delicate private matters (whether love letters or divorce documents).

Discounts for Long-term Customers and Large Assignments

Use the contact me button to find out which discount rates I can offer you for your translation needs.

Special Rates for Private Clients

Please see my Private Clients page for further information.

Hints and Tips for Future Translators

If you are a linguist hoping to set up as a freelance translator or a student looking for a work placement or job, please visit my Careers Page. You'll find some (hopefully) useful hints and tips on various aspects of providing translation services on a freelance basis, e.g. considerations before you get started (Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Freelance Translator), how to establish a home office (Basic Technical Equipment for your Home Office) and on some of the practicalities of working from home (Working from Home). I have kept my comments in general terms, so they can be helpful to freelance translators offering any language combination and are not specific to providing English German translation services.

In need of a different language pair?

The translation services I offer aren't the one you are looking for? Try, home to a network of international independent translators.