Private Translating

1st Choice Translations Serving Personal Translation Clients Well

A Personal Relationship between Translator and Client

Whether you need a translation of a Christmas card or to translate an autobiography, 1st Choice Translations will carry out any assignment confidentially, speedily and accurately at a price you can afford. You will deal with me directly, no calls being put on hold, no third parties involved unless the text has to be proof-read for publication. Think 1st Choice Translations for a personal translation service!

Certified and Notarised German-English Translations

If you have lived in a German speaking country and have now moved (back) to the UK, you may have marriage, birth or divorce certificates that need translating into English. You may have worked or studied in a German speaking country and now have German language references and qualifications that in their current format are double-dutch to your UK employers. You may be toying with the idea of emigrating. 1st Choice Translations can help you with all these requirements.

I have translated numerous exam certificates, employer's references, official registry office certificates, military service and court documents, and I certify translations on request. To my knowledge, every document certified by me in the past has been equally accepted by employers, British registrars and immigration authorities in Australia, Canada or New Zealand.

I can also have translations notarised, a service often required for US immigration applications.

Getting married in the UK?

You may live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and may be considering a romantic wedding in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. In that case, you will need your German documents - birth certificates and divorce papers, if applicable - translated and certified for submission to the relevant registry office in the area of your choice. For further general information on certified documents, please visit Certified Translations - Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact the registry office in your chosen county and ask them for their requirements. Registry offices often produce guides explaining the process of preparing for a wedding and will provide them to couples wishing to get married. If you are not sure about the legal requirements and wish to get married in Scotland, visit

You live in the UK but wish to get married abroad?

In that case you should contact the consulate/embassy for the relevant country for advice on what documentation they will require.

You may be asked to provide a Certificate of No Impediment (CONI). You can apply for this certificate in the country you are living in at the moment. Contact your local registrar to find out how to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment, what costs are involved and what other documents may be required, e.g. birth certificate and divorce certificate if married before. If you live in Scotland, the General Registrar for Scotland's website (see above) is an excellent source for precise information.

If you are thinking of getting married in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, I would be happy to translate your Certificate of No Impediment into German.

Buying something from Abroad?

Do you need help filling in forms? Want to make sure you understand the small print? Looking for something on the Internet but the site you are looking for is in German? Do you want to negotiate a purchase with a German speaking supplier but find it difficult to sort out the details? I'll happily be the intermediary who sorts out whatever needs to be, methodically and thoroughly at a fair hourly rate.

Help Translate Family History Research into English or German

If you can trace back your family to German origins, you may need help with documents written in German or English. Whether you simply want confirmation of your interpretation of a record, whether you have a handwritten letter or a beautifully printed autobiography (unfortunately in a language you do not speak), whatever source you need translating between English and German, 1st Choice Translations will be pleased to help at a mutually agreeable price.

I would also be willing and able to assist you directly with your family research, whether you would like German sites searched for certain names or details, need an address in a German speaking country or the translation of a list of words so that you can do your own research. I am very flexible and very diligent in my research. I can also read through documents and just give you the bare facts, if that is what you require or make a phone call to clarify some information. I am happy to help you in any way possible with the use of the Internet or a telephone line.