How to become a Sworn Translator

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How to become a Sworn Translator in Germany - Translate page

To become a sworn translator in Germany, you are normally required to provide proof that you have some qualification by the courts.  Although - especially for the rarer languages - suitable experience may suffice to translate page.

An appropriate university diploma is a straight forward way to proving your qualification as a translator. But there are also many language exams that can be taken if you do not have any recognised university certificate.  Take a look at this site for examination information in Germany -

Exams on translating and interpreting are often carried out by various local Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Industrie- und Handelskammern) and are of a very high standard and are generally accepted in Germany.  Here, exams can be taken in some less common languages than those the universities cater for.  Applicants can also prove their linguistic skills and their relevant knowledge.  The examination bodies often charge relatively high fees for this service.

Other site to look at are as follows:-

German Language Courses in Germany -

Online exams while perhaps not as acceptable by the courts can be useful for preparation to take an official exam. -