Getting External Help

Becoming Established as a Freelance Translator

Get advice as a Freelance Translator 

When you are starting your own business it is always a good idea to get as much advice as possible. The Institute of Translation and Interpreting offers very sound advice. See this useful pdf. The Institute of Linguists also offers useful tips and links on work as a freelance german translator.

Contact the local Enterprise Agency if you are thinking of starting up s a freelance translator. You can find your local office on their website. Depending on where you live, grants may be available for start-ups and various investments.

On the Internet you will find more advice on starting a business than you will ever have the time to follow. I entered "starting up your own business" into Google today and had 326,000 hits.

Banks often offer advice for "young entrepreneurs". Ask your own bank or make appointments with any of them. They'll all be pleased to help you.

There are books available for translators which offer advice for starting up as freelance translator (there is a list in the above mentioned ITI document).

If you live in England, it may be worth your while to ring the Citizen's Advice Bureau. If your finances are tight they may be able to tell you if you qualify for benefits. This can be crucial, especially when first starting off, or they may be able to point you in the right direction for available help when work dries up for longer periods. You can also visit their website.

Ask around. The more you ask, the more you'll learn.