Certification and Notarisation Charges

Certification and Notarisation Charges

Charges for Notarised Translations

The cost of a notarised translation is made up of three elements: The cost of the actual certified translation, the time it takes to visit the notary, the notary's charge and the time to visit the post office plus the postal charge for recorded delivery. The most competitive all-inclusive rate I can offer for the notarised translation of a one-page document, e.g. a birth certificate or a police clearance certificate, is GBP130.

The number of documents translated has virtually no influence on the notary's price as he tends to charge a flat fee. So the more documents you need notarisation for, the cheaper it will get per individual page. Please contact me for a quote.

Points to Consider for Notarisation

When requesting notarisation, please specify what exactly you need notarised. Usually, the agencies involved just want proof that the person whose headed paper is used for the translation is actually signing the translated document. So witnessing the signature under the certificate of accuracy is all that is required of the notary.

Sometimes, an agency may want proof other than the translator's word that he is a bona fide translator. In that case, the translator would need to provide the notary with proof of his qualifications and/or membership of relevant professional bodies. The notary would then sign a declaration to the effect that he has seen the translator's evidence of qualification.

Alternatively, the agency in question may require the translator to swear that he is qualified and has done the translation to the best of his abilities. The notary's wording would need to be amended to that effect.

It should not make any difference to the cost of the notarised translation which of the above services you require, as the time involved is the same.